19 Feb 2019

Robyn and her team are helping advance the health of women and children in Northern Uganda.  In partnership with Gulu University, they have surveyed women on reproductive health and domestic violence, published results, and together with Gulu and

07 Aug 2018

To provide students with real world experience in their degree, Dr Lauren Kark teamed up with an NGO that offers students training and experience fixing medical equipment in regional and remote hospitals in Cambodia and Uganda, ensuring patients r

31 Jul 2018

UNSW research is investigating and documenting the use of different types of media productions and communication channels by NGOs and UN bodies in post-conflict areas to promote sustainable peace, highlighting positive impacts on communities and e

24 Jul 2018

Dr Steve Badman specialises in molecular, point-of-care (POC) testing that enables patients to be tested and treated for a range of sexually transmissable infections (STIs), tuberculosis, and viruses (HIV and HPV) on the spot, avoiding time and tr

26 Jun 2018

Phil provided workshops for hospital staff and medical students in Uganda about the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating for people living with mental illness, and he plans to create a gym at the main psychiatric hospital to improve pa

08 May 2018

Having determined the positive impact refugees have on the local population in Kenya, Sarah is now working with Anne Bartlett on ways for Ugandan locals to reduce the number of trees used in charcoal production, helping to limit deforestation and

28 Mar 2018

Professor Lucas Lixinski has written a book comparing cases around the world where community voices are heard or ognored in decisions involving world heritage listed areas, highlighting the need for UNESCO to include community voices in its legal

19 Mar 2018

Ross is helping developing countries to regulate and support the delivery of financial services by mobile device, helping citizens to save significant amounts of time and money in making their financial transactions, while also minimising corrupti

26 Feb 2018

UNSW research is investigating the disruption of energy industries in developing countries by new technologies, helping governments, private companies and NGOs in those countries to deliver more equitable and fair access to energy.

02 Nov 2017

UNSW research has come up with a model to assess the risk of ecosystems that is now the international standard and being adopted by countries like Myanmar to develop conservation reports and strategies to preserve vital ecosystems and forests.

01 Nov 2017

Having surveyed northern Uganda, UNSW has identified the causes of land conflict in the region and has come up with two interventions, charcoal kilns and bee farming, that will reduce violence, better sustain food and forest supplies, and provide

23 Oct 2017

UNSW is simulating wildlife communication signals to minimise wildlife and cattle conflict around the Okavango Delta, reducing the killing of both to ensure the sustainability of local farming and the local tourism sector that relies on the presen

19 Oct 2017

UNSW is playing a key role in the Pacific to protect natural resources from being used excessively by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies and to ensure Indigenous communities share in the benefits made by those companies.

03 Oct 2017

UNSW is pioneering the research of hippo behaviour, making a big step towards preserving hippos in Botswana and across Africa for the long term as the human population expands and poses an increasing threat to hippo habitats and numbers.

11 Sep 2017

UNSW research has developed the science to burn waste from animal poo and leftover crops to create biochars, a rich, soil fertiliser that makes arid soil farmable and can help to reclaim degraded land in developing countries where rising populatio

11 Sep 2017

Projects by UNSW researchers around the Okavango River are assisting governments in managing this vital water resource that is under threat, protecting the wildlife and tourism industries that rely on it for the long term.