About Us

The Institute for Global Development (IGD) is an ambitious initiative set up by UNSW to tackle significant global development challenges.

It is part of UNSW's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The most pressing development problems today are global in scale: inequalities, environmental degradation, climate change, conflict, pandemics and population displacement. But they affect countries, communities and individuals differently. In a highly interconnected world, solutions need to be sought globally but owned and implemented locally.

The IGD is committed to achieving change through harnessing academic excellence, fostering transformative partnerships and translating evidence into impact. We foster partnerships to ensure research and education activities strengthen local capacities and contribute to solutions and improve lives and generate sustainable futures.

We recognise that contemporary development challenges are complex and require multi-disciplinary approaches. We draw on resources and expertise from across all UNSW Faculties to work towards this commitment.

Four elements are shown in a box. From clockwise left, a yellow circle with the caption UNSW. Two boomerang shapes facing to the right with the caption Partnership. Two half moons facing inwards with the caption equity. Two chevrons facing to the left with the caption sustainability.

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