Centres & Institutes

Centre for Social Impact

The Centre for Social Impact aims to catalyse social impact through transformational research and education that is rigorous and purpose-driven.

The Australian Human Rights Institute is a unique centre of knowledge in Australia and the world, for bringing together medical, engineering and legal minds to find human rights solutions.

The UNSW Global Water Institute (UNSW-GWI) is a world leader in water research, innovation and problem solving. The Institute is a truly multi-disciplinary venture. Drawing on water expertise from seven faculties and 13 specialist centres across UNSW, GWI is the Nation’s most advanced water knowledge hub. 

The Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at UNSW Sydney is the world's leading research centre dedicated to the study of international refugee law. Founded in October 2013, the Kaldor Centre undertakes rigorous research on the most pressing displacement issues in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, and contributes to public policy by promoting legal, sustainable and humane solutions to forced migration. 

The Kirby Institute is a leading global research institute dedicated to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Their primary work relates to the coordination of national surveillance programs, population health and epidemiological research, clinical and behavioural research and clinical trials. The Kirby Institute's research projects are conducted in partnership with communities most affected by epidemics. 

The George Institute is a leading independent global medical research institute established and headquartered in Sydney, with major centres in China, India and the UK and an international network of experts and collaborators.

The Brien Holden Vision Institute develops new solutions for vision care, especially refractive error, and work to eliminate vision impairment and avoidable blindness, thereby improving quality of life for people in need and helping to reduce disability and poverty. The Institute is a social enterprise and invest any revenues resulting from their work into creating scientific solutions and developing and delivering eye care and education programs around the world.

The Social Policy Research Centre is at the forefront of research generating real change for individuals and communities in Australia, and internationally. The Social Policy Research Centre are dedicated to making a positive impact through independent and leading research that tackles critical social issues. Their research enlightens public debate and enhances policy formation, both nationally and internationally.

The PLuS Alliance combines the strengths of three leading research universities on three continents – Arizona State University, King’s College London and the UNSW Sydney – to solve global challenges around health, social justice, sustainability, and technology and innovation. 

Shaping responses to the complex issues facing humanity, the Grand Challenges Program puts UNSW’s research squarely into the real world. Each challenge engages scholars, policymakers and the public, through a series of critical discussions, debates, events and activities about one of the tests of our time.


The Asia Pacific Development and Security Research Group draws experts working on current significant socio- political changes affecting the Asia Pacific Region. 

The Globalisation & Governance Research Network represents a coming together of UNSW colleagues who are interested in understanding the complex relationship between globalisation and governance.

This wider Forced Migration Research Network aims to foster deeper collaboration across the Research Areas and Schools in UNSW Arts and Social Sciences. The Network draws together other researchers from history, philosophy, media and film studies, cultural studies, education and social psychology. These researchers produce highly original research on various aspects of human mobility.

The Gendered Violence Research Network (GVRN) is a joint initiative of UNSW Arts & Social Sciences and UNSW Law. Discover how our Network unites the significant domestic and international research expertise of UNSW to respond, prevent and end gendered violence in Australia and beyond.

The South Asia @ UNSW research group conducts seminars and organises workshops to discuss research, working with established research clusters in the Faculty such as Imperial, Colonial and Transnational Histories, Asian Media Cultures and Globalisation and Governance.

The Southeast Asia Law and Policy Forum has key strengths in legal education and constitutionalism. The initiative conducts occasional seminars and workshops, research collaboration and training in the region, including East Timor, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines.