Dr Nick Apoifis – Arts and Social Sciences

Training up a new generation of Indigenous coaches

In collaboration with WSU and Macquarie University, UNSW is providing coaching accreditation and health training to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, increasing the number of Indigenous coaches and empowering them to be leaders and positively impact the lives of athletes and members of the community.

Professor Eileen Baldry – Arts and Social Sciences

Improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people in Walgett

With the local Dharriwaa Elders Group leading the way, UNSW will support systemic change in the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people in Walgett over the next ten years through a range of community-focussed initiatives.

Dr Stephen Bell – Medicine

Youth sexual health in Indigenous Australia

Stephen is working on youth-led projects in PNG and in Indigenous Australia that seek to further understand young people’s sexual, reproductive and maternal health risks and experiences, helping to reshape health services and community programs in both regions to reduce fatal and long term health risks.

Associate Professor Jennifer Biddle – Art and Design

Sustaining tangible and intangible Indigenous heritage

Through her research on Indigenous art, language and culture, Jennifer is using the latest technology to develop new ethnographic methodologies that document Indigenous culture as a living form of heritage, empowering Indigenous artists and connecting more people to Indigenous culture.

Associate Professor Jan Breckenridge – Arts and Social Sciences

Evaluating government programs to mitigate family and sexual violence in Indigenous Australia

The Federal Government’s Keeping Women Safe in Their Homes (KWISTH) program has been up and running for two years, and Jan is helping to evaluate the program’s merits and develop a national framework to improve its effectiveness and reduce the high levels of domestic violence, particularly among Indigenous women.

Professor Kate Dolan – Medicine

Helping ex-prisoners to not smoke

Kate is trialling an intervention to help Indigenous ex-prisoners to avoid smoking after they are released from prison, improving their health and wellbeing, and reducing their probability of experiencing tobacco-related illnesses.

Trent Jansen – Art and Design

Collaborating with Indigenous artists to tell untold stories

Trent is working on design projects that tell untold stories from Indigenous Australian culture. These projects involve collaborations with Indigenous artists and story-tellers, promoting reconciliation and understanding.

Michael Kempson – Art and Design

Printmaking with Indigenous artists

UNSW’s Cicada Press is supporting Indigenous artists in Australia and around the world to learn the art of printmaking and produce work that is exhibited locally and internationally, increasing the artist’s repertoire and profile.

Professor Brigitta Olubas – Arts and Social Sciences

Publishing marginalised writers

Brigitta, Hari and their colleagues are producing a new online magazine called Live Crossings that will publish writers and artists from Indigenous Australia and asylum seeker and refugee communities, giving voice and agency to these communities and helping to celebrate the diversity of Australia’s past and present.

Dr Leon Terrill - Law

Examining the impact of government land reforms on Indigenous owners

Leon’s research on Federal Government reforms to land ownership in remote Indigenous communities has demonstrated its flaws and identified alternatives that better support Indigenous-led development and empowerment. He is now looking to conduct in field research to further validate these findings.

Professor Carla Treloar – Arts and Social Sciences

Helping the NSW Government to screen and treat Indigenous people living with hepatitis C

Using a unique and culturally sensitive approach, UNSW is helping the NSW Government to make contact with Indigenous people living with hep C and ensure they receive the treatment available, improving lives, preventing transmission, and helping to eradicate hep C in Australia by 2030.

Dr Sue Woolfenden - Medicine

Optimising childhood development

Sue is investigating issues in the early development of Aboriginal childhood and is helping deliver clinical care to improve their chance to live a more equitable life. In Fiji, Sue is training doctors and researchers in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood development issues, improving care for kids and building local capacity.