Strengthening engagement with engineering education in Myanmar

| 01 May 2019

In partnership with the University of Technology Sydney, Yangon Technological University and Myanmar Engineering Council, Iain is working to strengthen engineering teaching capacity at Yangon Technological University. This project builds on a series of workshops held to improve industry linkages with Myanmar engineering universities. Better engagement with industry will improve outcomes for practical learning and teaching outcomes.

Engineering and the engineering profession are changing rapidly, both in Australia and Myanmar, in response to the new technologies, innovations and societal changes. Engineering students, teachers and professionals need to be equipped with the necessary skills and experiences to be able to face new opportunities and challenges. Industry and education need to strengthen how they work together, so that future industry needs and engineering education opportunities match.

This project will provide several activities to support these aims:

  • An inaugural Industry-Education Dialogue on the topic of future engineering industry developments  in Myanmar and the link with education in order to best prepare graduates.  
  • A workshop hosted by the Myanmar Engineering Council to reflect on current engineering teaching practices in Myanmar and Australia. This workshop took place in early October in Yangon. The focus of the workshop was assessment, both of student learning and degrees for accreditation. The workshop also looked at engineering teaching and learning, assessment and graduate outcomes in light of professional accreditation of engineering degrees.
  • A knowledge exchange visit to Australia for Myanmar academics aims to exchange ideas about country-relevant and innovative teaching and learning approaches, through meetings with UTS and UNSW teaching staff and with Australian industry representatives. Other topics that will be explored are engineering accreditation, industry-education collaboration, and life-long learning and upskilling.