Policy Submission: Expanding University Engagement with Australian Development

In 2019, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade called for submissions into a review of the International Development Policy.

As knowledge producers and educators, universities play a key role responsibility for achieving sustainable and inclusive development. UNSW's submission to the review, led by the Institute for Global Development, highlights the considerable opportunity for DFAT to engage the University sector as a key partner in informing and implementing its development policy.

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      Summary of Recommendations

      In January 2020, the IGD put out a call for inputs to the UNSW community, with many colleagues responding in recognition of the importance of having a voice in this process. Like many universities, UNSW has significant and long-standing partnerships for research and education in many developing countries. Drawing on these experiences and partnerships, we made 5 key recommendations:

      1. The IDP explicitly references the university sector as a key stakeholder group, alongside NGO, the private sector and multilateral organisations, recognising universities as an important contributor to Australia’s global development efforts, innovation and thought leadership.
      2. The IDP includes reference to a Research for Development Strategy to produce evidence which underpins Australia’s aid policy and programs. 
      3. Appropriate mechanisms are designed to fund and deliver on the research strategy and to support the use of research findings.
      4. A dedicated forum and other mechanisms are established for regular engagement between DFAT and the university and wider research sector.
      5. Reference to education in the IDP includes a focus on tertiary sector development and university-university partnerships.