15 Dec 2021

Justine Nolan and the DTP are training human rights defenders in the Pacific to develop advocacy strategies to deal with companies in the region and achieve better terms and conditions for local workers, better protect community and Indigenous rig

03 Dec 2019

In collaboration with colleagues at the University of the South Pacific, Dr Anna Bruce and Associate Professor Iain MacGill jointly run student courses and oversee research projects that focus on providing more accessible, affordable and reliable

15 Aug 2018

To help Fiji and the Solomon Islands to better control neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in the population, John is working with governments from both countries to examine current measures, identify gaps and conduct research to fill those gaps, u

07 Aug 2018

John Fletcher is helping to establish a microgrid running on solar power and a research lab focussing on microgrid technology at Sri Lanka’s University of Moratuwa, demonstrating the viability and efficiency of microgrids to provide electricity to

06 Aug 2018

Andrew is evaluating point of care testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections among pregnant women in PNG to demonstrate whether this strategy could improve mother and newborn health.

30 Jul 2018

Having identified geothermal potential in Fiji, Professor Klaus Regenauer-Lieb is now working to build local academic capacity in geothermal power so locals can benefit from cheaper and cleaner electricity.

25 Jul 2018

Dr Richard Corkish is repairing and boosting a hydropower grid to provide locals with electricity and improve their quality of life and communication, and he is installing light and phone charging facilities in at least 14 aid posts dotted across

24 Jul 2018

Dr Steve Badman specialises in molecular, point-of-care (POC) testing that enables patients to be tested and treated for a range of sexually transmissable infections (STIs), tuberculosis, and viruses (HIV and HPV) on the spot, avoiding time and tr

16 Jul 2018

Jacqui is working with countries in the Pacific and around the world to implement salt reduction strategies to reduce blood pressure levels and food policy interventions to tackle obesity, diabetes and diet-related diseases that result in prematur

09 Jul 2018

Angela and her team at the Kirby Institute and the PNGIMR undertake research around the sexual, reproductive and maternal health of men and women in PNG, directly influencing government policy, improving sexual health and awareness, and demystifyi

25 Jun 2018

Stephen Bell is working on youth-led projects in PNG and in Indigenous Australia that seek to further understand young people’s sexual, reproductive and maternal health risks and experiences, helping to reshape health services and community progra

18 Jun 2018

Pauline and her team tested a unique aid delivery approach to 80 villages in the Solomon Islands to determine how best to deliver aid money so that it goes towards projects the community values most, establishing a new and viable approach that can

14 Jun 2018

Heather and Karen have conducted extensive research around the nature of sex work in the Pacific, highlighting health and safety issues and lack of social support, with the aim of prompting governments to act to provide better care for citizens.

13 Jun 2018

Adam is working with Pacific Island governments to analyse the effectiveness of the region’s outbreak early warning surveillance system with the aim of strengthening it to enable faster and more accurate detection of outbreaks, thereby containing

05 Jun 2018

Richard, Christine and Stephen are working with local government in Sri Lanka and Pacific Island countries to trial interventions that reduce cardiovascular risk and disease, and to better estimate trends in disease and mortality, improving local

19 Mar 2018

Ross is helping developing countries to regulate and support the delivery of financial services by mobile device, helping citizens to save significant amounts of time and money in making their financial transactions, while also minimising corrupti

26 Feb 2018

UNSW research is investigating the disruption of energy industries in developing countries by new technologies, helping governments, private companies and NGOs in those countries to deliver more equitable and fair access to energy.

07 Feb 2018

UNSW will train public officials to identify and develop viable infrastructure projects and upskill community members in the repair and maintenance of housing and basic infrastructure, lifting the standard of living in Fiji, the Soloman Islands an

26 Oct 2017

Through archaeological investigations, UNSW is examining the settlement history of PNG and determining how and where people lived, providing invaluable information for school kids and local tourist guides and bush museums.

19 Oct 2017

UNSW is playing a key role in the Pacific to protect natural resources from being used excessively by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies and to ensure Indigenous communities share in the benefits made by those companies.

27 Sep 2017

UNSW can model regional climate in the Southwest Pacific and make climate projections for up to 50 years ahead for individual countries, helping them to better plan for farming and extreme conditions and to ensure they have enough food, water and

21 Sep 2017

UNSW researchers are equipped to train public servants in Pacific Island countries on insects crops and biodiversity, using PNG as a hub for a regional approach to protect fragile local food supplies that are under threat from emerging insects.

19 Sep 2017

UNSW is training up a Timor-Leste student in economic geology with the view that the student will return to work for the Timor-Leste Government and help them to better manage exploration and maximise income for the state, enhancing quality of life

23 Aug 2017

UNSW’s research into tuna populations in the South Pacific will help local governments across the region manage their marine environment, ensuring vital food supplies and sources of income from fishing are sustained for generations to come.