24 Jul 2018

Dr Steve Badman specialises in molecular, point-of-care (POC) testing that enables patients to be tested and treated for a range of sexually transmissable infections (STIs), tuberculosis, and viruses (HIV and HPV) on the spot, avoiding time and tr

16 Jul 2018

Using iPad and mobile phones, Valsa is engaging parents when they visit their local GP to monitor and identify development issues, including autism, in their child, enabling parents and GPs to intervene earlier to enhance the child’s development a

25 Jun 2018

Stephen Bell is working on youth-led projects in PNG and in Indigenous Australia that seek to further understand young people’s sexual, reproductive and maternal health risks and experiences, helping to reshape health services and community progra

24 Apr 2018

Brigitta Olubas, Hari Harindranath and their colleagues are producing a new online magazine called Live Crossings that will publish writers and artists from Indigenous Australia and asylum seeker and refugee communities, giving voice and agency to

12 Mar 2018

Through her research on Indigenous art, language and culture, Jennifer Biddle is using the latest technology to develop new ethnographic methodologies that document Indigenous culture as a living form of heritage, empowering Indigenous artists and

22 Feb 2018

Trent Jansen is working on design projects that tell untold stories from Indigenous Australian culture. These projects involve collaborations with Indigenous artists and story-tellers, promoting reconciliation and understanding.

16 Feb 2018

With the local Dharriwaa Elders Group leading the way, UNSW will support systemic change in the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people in Walgett over the next ten years through a range of community-focussed initiatives.

09 Feb 2018

UNSW’s Cicada Press is supporting Indigenous artists in Australia and around the world to learn the art of printmaking and produce work that is exhibited locally and internationally, increasing the artist’s repertoire and profile.

01 Feb 2018

The Federal Government’s Keeping Women Safe in Their Homes (KWISTH) program has been up and running for two years, and Jan Breckenridge is helping to evaluate the program’s merits and develop a national framework to improve its effectiveness and r

05 Dec 2017

In collaboration with WSU and Macquarie University, UNSW is providing coaching accreditation and health training to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, increasing the number of Indigenous coaches and empowering them to be leaders and positivel

01 Nov 2017

Using a unique and culturally sensitive approach, UNSW is helping the NSW Government to make contact with Indigenous people living with hep C and ensure they receive the treatment available, improving lives, preventing transmission, and helping to

19 Oct 2017

UNSW is playing a key role in the Pacific to protect natural resources from being used excessively by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies and to ensure Indigenous communities share in the benefits made by those companies.

11 Sep 2017

UNSW research has developed the science to burn waste from animal poo and leftover crops to create biochars, a rich, soil fertiliser that makes arid soil farmable and can help to reclaim degraded land in developing countries where rising populatio