The Best & Worst Countries for Women: Measuring Equality with the WPS Index

In celebration of International Women's Day, join us for the launch of the Second Edition Global Women Peace Security Index.

Join the Institute for Global Development for a conversation on the findings of the Second Edition of the Global Women Peace Security (WPS) Index, which ranks countries on women's comprehensive wellbeing and analyses trends in gender equality.

Jeni Klugman (Managing Director – Institute for Women Peace and Security), Leanne Smith (Director - Whitlam Institute) and Talia Hagerty (Senior Research Fellow - Institute for Economics and Peace) will join Sarah Cook (Director - UNSW Institute for Global Development) to discuss the current issues for women, peace and security and the importance of the index.

The inaugural WPS Index, launched in 2017, was the most comprehensive ranking to date of women’s well-being around the globe, measuring three key dimensions of women’s well-being—inclusion, justice, and security. The second edition includes several major innovations, including expanded coverage to 167 countries and assessment of data at the subnational level. Trends over time reveal important drivers of progress as well as major areas of concern.

This event will be followed by networking drinks.