Vision, Purpose and Objectives

Twenty-first century ‘development’ requires an active commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability, as reflected in the global Sustainable Development Goals. 

We spearhead UNSW’s commitment to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries and aspire to improve the lives of individuals, their families and communities.

Our vision is a world where transformative, equitable and sustainable development is achieved through strong partnerships in research and education.

The IGD is part of a regional and global development community that seeks to advance knowledge on sustainable development and social justice. We research and promote new approaches to policy and practice in order to tackle today’s most complex and disruptive global challenges.

As these complex problems require multi-disciplinary solutions, we work with all faculties across UNSW to shape our responses

With our local and international partners, we co-create knowledge and translate our research findings into changes that matter: generating sustainable and equitable futures for people around the world, and together working towards achieving the SDGs.

Achieving our vision requires an ambitious agenda for action. We work with partners to build capacity and credibility, translate research into practice, and use knowledge to transform lives.

Through our diverse activities, we aspire to be:

  • A catalyst for using research to achieve positive change

We bring together academic and development partners and communities in consultations, dialogues and events to set agendas and deliver impacts.

  • A platform for sharing and translating knowledge

We make information accessible through our website and research outputs to influence and inform new approaches to development research, policy and practice.

  • An influencer in global and national debate

We contribute to policy dialogue and inform development thinking and practice, based on rigorous analysis and evidence.

Our Priority Themes

We work on key themes including Equity and Social Justice, Environmental Sustainability and Partnerships, Practice and the Global Goals.

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